Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

For the first time since I moved to this part of Texas 35 years ago we have a White Christmas. A Very messy, slick, icy White Christmas! It started to rain the night before Christmas Eve and on Christmas Eve morning it turned to sleet and ice and then to snow. The wind was blowing 45 miles so mostly it was snowing sideways. We were not supposed to get this much. People began to get stranded on the highways. Our small town put up over 400 people in the Jr High and in 2 Church's. The Electricity was off at our house for 3 1/2 hours. Burrrr, it got cold. Lots of people could not get to their families on Christmas day. We were very lucky because the kids live across the street. This photo was taken on Christmas Eve during the snow. I was peeking out the garage door. I could not take pictures out the front or back because the camera lense got covered with snow.This photo was taken by the front door. The Christmas lights are on the shrub (under the snow).

This is Steve at the side of the house 2 days after the snow started. People up north probably don't go outside without coats on but here in Texas we don't know any better.

The trail from the front door is not the side walk, the snow was too deep there to walk so we went through the yard around the snow drifts caused by the wind. You can see my shadow in the photo and no I do not have a coat on either.

During the day the snow started to melt and make a river of water down the street, and at night it freezes up and it is now a solid sheet of ice. This photo is of the street in front of our house. The cars are sliding down the street on the ice. It started melting during the day but at night it froze up again.

I'm not sure if I would like another White Christmas. The deer are coming through the yard and eating all the shrubs they can find. Pretty to watch but very annoying. Merry Christmas Yall!

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